The common Project — Xolelanani means reconciliation

The construction of an common future can only be if the prejudices are reduced. This is why the idea of the „Xolelanani Youth Project“ was born. Xolelanani is a Xhosa word that means “reconciliation”. It is to give the black and white youth a possibility to meet each other.
This youth project has several uses:

  • It is a multicultural meeting place for the youth.
  • It offers a violence- and drug free surrounding for the children.
  • It has a computer room that offers a PC course.
  • It offers a room for artistry (pottery, quire, theatre and dancing).
  • It offers a basic care for the children from the streets in the form of a Kindergarten.

We built this Youth Centre together with the local youth from the township and we will keep working towards the improvement of the house.

Our aims are:
  • To learn from the history of South Africa so that the bad past don’t repeat itself.
  • To give an active support for the thought of reconciliation between black and white.
  • Practical solidarity, to improve the conditions for the young people in the township
  • A continuous exchange between the South African and German youth