Since the founding of the club in 1999, there were three youth brigades (2000, 2002 and 2004) who traveled to Walmer Township in Port Elizabeth and helped with the building of the youth centre there. A fourth one will start on 11/24/2006.
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Beside the regular work at the building site, there was a seminar in collaboration with the Workers College. We met there with members of the South African Metalworkers Union and had a good opportunity to learn something about the political interrelation and the working conditions of the workers in South Africa. The Workers College was founded in 1991 and offers alternative learning- and perspective programs for members of unions and local communities. It follows the principle to improve developmental activities, critical thinking and strategic planning. You can find more information to that topic on their webpage, (only English). The members of the brigade, together with the Workers College, engaged themselves in factual discussions, visits to factories and industries, and meetings with various self-help-projects.