Report of the IGM Youth delegation to Port Elizabeth, South Africa

24th November ‘til 08th December 2006

The participants were; Carina Reuchlein, Thomas Baumeister, Teresa Holz, Manuel Wagner, Nina Holbing, Nico Limprecht, Costa Anastasiou, Eduard Prediger, Franziska Bühler and Jens Bernstein. Hanna Reindler acted in the capacity of translator to the team members.

The aim of the Brigade was:

The following renovations were done at the project:

We also visited the University of Port Elizabeth. There we mainly talked about the general state of South Africa, the economical development of the country, as well as the political environment in South Africa. Furthermore, we were also enlightened about South Africa’s biggest problem, nl. AIDS.

We visited an AIDS home, where many children are being taken care off. Here we experienced and were enlightened about the situation even more accurately. We handed over a small gift of packages with disposable nappies to the manageress.

By visiting these projects, we gained some insight as to how people live - in some cases, how they have to survive.

Every now and then, we could find some time to relax and for leisure. We continually, throughout our stay, scrutinised the many impressions we picked up on our visit to this African country. This scrutiny normally took place during our evening planning- and closure discussion rounds and its content and form was complemented by all attendants.

Towards the end of our visit in South Africa, we organised a farewell party in the form of a “Braai” at The Willows Seaside Resort.