Why South Africa?

South Africa was facing and still is facing big economical and political challenges. In 1994 the Apartheid-System was substituted by a black government under the leadership of Nelson Mandela. Although, it will take some time still until black and white will be equal to one another. The central point for the problems of South Africa is the townships. The Townships, that were established by the Apartheid-Regime, were meant to remove blacks from the cities. Today they are still far behind the development of the infrastructure of the cities. High unemployment (up to 80%), enormous social tension, insufficient access to education, bad healthcare etc. are still at the order of the day.
But the young democracy of South Africa can only grown when black and white are equal with one another. The new generation has the opportunity to eradicate the injustices of the past. Only in this manner a peaceful democratic South Africa is possible.

Since December 1997 there is contact to youths in Walmer Township in Port Elizabeth. 45.000 people live her on a surface area of only four squarekilometre. What makes the situation even more explosive, is the fact that this township is separated from a privileged white suburb only by a road. The majority of the township dwellers live in tin-shacks and are still awaiting services like running water, sewerage, electricity and proper infrastructure. On the other side of the road the whites are living in mansions that are fenced with barbed wire.